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  • Knitted fabric: After washing, the product must be dried horizontally to avoid drying.
  • Chiffon, silk, and chiffon fabrics should be washed by hand.
  • Raw fabrics, tulle, khaki without beading or decoration can be machine washed.
  • Raw fabrics, tulle, khaki with contrasting color schemes or decorated with chiffon, silk, and beads need to be hand washed.
  • Jeans should not be washed in the washing machine because it will fade the color of the jeans. If washing, you should turn the product inside out when washing, close buttons and zips, do not wash with brightly colored clothes, avoid color transfer to other products.

  • Products need to be washed immediately without soaking to avoid color fading. Distinguish between colors and fabric types to avoid fabric fading. You should not wash the product with soap containing strong detergents, you should wash it with diluted soap.
  • Products that can be machine washed should only be set to a light wash, medium spin mode, and should be separated into products of the same color and fabric type when washing.
  • The product should be dried in a cool place, away from direct sunlight as it will easily fade. You should dry the clothes by drying them in windy areas to preserve the fabric color better.
  • For 100% cotton fabrics, the product should not be dried on a hanger but should be hung horizontally on a clothesline to avoid fabric cracking.
  • When ironing the product with an iron and using steam mode, it will make the product easier to iron, cool and not burn, keeping the product color beautiful and lasting longer. The temperature of the iron depends on the type of fabric.

1, Windbreaker fabric, is a thin, light material made from durable PVC or nylon fibers. The reason this material is so called is because it has good water and wind resistance, helping the body cope with cold weather.
– It can be seen that this is the ideal material for both rainy and winter seasons thanks to its superior windproof and waterproof properties. Some types of Windbreaker fabric in the hot season such as cotton also bring a feeling of comfort and smoothness to the wearer when used
– Wearing it for a long time in hot, dry weather will make us quite uncomfortable and stuffy. Not stopping there, some fabrics are easily wrinkled, difficult to print logos and difficult to maintain

2, Polyester fabric is a synthetic fabric with an ingredient derived from coal, petroleum and air called ethylene. The nature of polyester is a type of plastic, polyester fibers are created through a chemical process of polymerizing 4 basic fiber types: raw fibers, staple fibers, fiberfill fibers and filament fibers.
– Good price
– Durable
– Water resistance
– Easy to wash

– Poor sweat absorption

3, Angora rabbit wool yarn:
– The softness and tenderness of the fibers create a pleasant feeling to the touch
– Wool is natural and hypoallergenic
– Down is waterproof
– Lightness and large volume create economical thread consumption, which has a beneficial effect when knitting
– The reduced thermal conductivity of the fiber is used to produce products that keep warm and retain heat very well
– In addition to high prices, they note some moodiness in the care stage. Products made from angora rabbit fur cannot be machine washed: hand wash or dry cleaning only. To clean, use only mild wool detergents. Dry and slice horizontally.

4, Satin Silk
– One of the attractive features of satin fabric is its gloss, which creates visual appeal in garments, accessories, and fashion products.
– High aesthetics, bringing luxurious beauty.
– The fabric is light and soft, when in contact with the skin, it brings a comfortable and cool feeling to the user.
– In addition, satin material also has many impressive colors and diverse patterns, helping consumers have more choices to suit each individual’s preferences and personality.
– In garments, this material is quite slippery and often difficult to cut and sew, difficult to style and maintain, and easily scratched by nails or sharp objects.
– Satin fabric is susceptible to fire.
– For this type of fabric, we should wash it by hand, avoid machine washing because it will affect the quality, color and shape of the fabric.

5, Cotton: Cotton is an extremely soft and smooth fabric. It is woven from natural cotton fibers so it is easy to wrinkle when rubbing the fabric or washing too hard, especially in the washing machine.